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Review about EVER webinar 'Cerebroylsin's evidence from TBI research' - 18.06.2024ESOC 2024 - New study in aphasia presented - 11.06.2024AMN CONGRESS IN VIENNA, AUSTRIA - 07.05.2024Cerebrolysin® – the sole pharmacological agent supported by evidence for brain trauma recovery! - 30.04.2024Training programs for neurorehabilitation after stroke – A new era begins! - 15.04.2024ESOC 2024 - Visit the EVER Pharma Symposium - 02.04.2024World Head Injury Awareness Day - 20.03.2024Join the webinar - Cerebrolysin's evidence from TBI research - 08.03.2024Multidisciplinary Neurotrauma Treatment - Panel discussion - 29.02.2024BIG MILESTONE - Global guideline recommendations - 16.02.2024ESICM 2023 - EVER Symposium - 31.01.2024Cost-Effectiveness of Cerebrolysin® - 17.01.2024


Highlights of the IMMM 2023 - 12.12.2023New video about effects of Cerebrolysin® in TBI patients - 17.11.2023First comprehensive Cerebrolysin® treatment handbook - 08.11.2023World Stroke Day 2023 - 29.10.2023New Webinar: Multidisciplinary Neurotrauma treatment - Panel discussion - 11.10.2023ESICM 2023 - Visit the EVER Pharma Symposium - 27.09.2023Review about EVER Webinar 'Treatment strategies for motor impaired stroke patients' - 16.08.2023New positive trial in acute stroke published - 21.07.2023ESOC 2023, Munich - EVER Symposium - 06.07.2023NIBS - TRIPLE-Therapy Workshop - 15.06.2023The 2. NTSC Vienna – A successful continuation - 01.06.2023New Webinar: Treatment strategies for motor impaired stroke patients - 15.05.2023First inclusion of Cerebrolysin® in TBI guideline! - 09.05.2023ESOC 2023 - Visit the EVER Pharma Symposium - 03.05.2023Cerebroprotective strategies in acute ischemich stroke – fiction or reality? - 18.04.2023STAIR XII meeting in Washington DC - 06.04.2023Cerebrolysin® reduces hospital stay in TBI patients - 20.03.202320th AMN Congress - 03.03.2023New Webinar: Cerebroprotective strategies in acute ischemic stroke - fiction or reality? - 17.02.2023Case reports - 2 patients benefit from a new multi-modal pharmacological treatment concept - 07.02.2023Review about EVER Webinar ‘The future of chronic stroke patient treatment‘ - 31.01.2023Experts talk about treatments after stroke - 10.01.2023


Watch the new video about cognitive impairment - 21.12.2022Review about EVER Webinar 'Neurorecovery - When evidence from the bench meets results at the bedside' - 13.12.2022Multidisciplinary Treatment Concept in Brain Trauma - An Unique Program - 01.12.2022Expert Interview Prof. Maas - 15.11.2022The future of chronic stroke patient treatment – Interactive case discussion - 02.11.2022World Stroke Day, October 29th - 28.10.2022Review about EVER Webinar ‘Treating cognitive decline after critical illnesses’ - 21.10.2022Neurorecovery – When evidence from the bench meets results at the bedside - 14.09.2022CERECAP Update - 02.09.2022A Call to Action – Treating cognitive decline after critical illnesses - 12.08.2022Review Case Discussions 'New horizons improving gold standard therapy in acute stroke' - 21.07.2022Cognitive Impairment? Cerebrolysin® helps! - 14.07.2022Review about webinar 'Get with the guidelines in post-stroke motor recovery' - 01.07.2022Review about EVER Webinar 'Evidence-based neurorecovery after stroke and TBI' - 03.06.2022New Webinar: New horizons improving gold standard therapy in acute stroke - 25.05.2022ECOMPASS Meta-Analysis about efficacy of Cerebrolysin® in stroke - 02.05.2022Join the Expert panel discussion: Get with the guidelines - 22.04.2022Neurotrauma Treatment Simulation Center (NTSC) - 06.04.2022Post stroke rehabilitation exchange programs - 16.03.2022New Webinar: Evidence-based neurorecovery after stroke and TBI - 02.03.2022Webinar report - The renaissance of neuroprotection in times of recanalization therapies - 31.01.2022Illustrated book about the events after an ischemic stroke - 12.01.2022


Expert Interview Prof. M. Brainin - 22.12.2021Webinar Report - Innovative strategies to advance severe TBI treatment - 01.12.2021Best Drug for Stroke Recovery - 17.11.2021Webinar: The renaissance of neuroprotection in times of recanalization therapies - 03.11.2021Watch – How Cerebrolysin® works after stroke - 28.09.2021Free Webinar in October - 17.09.2021Reducing Complications related to Thromolysis and Thrombectomy - 07.09.2021The relevance of neurorehabilitation in acute and chronic stroke - 18.08.2021New hope for TBI patients - 04.08.2021Cerebrolysin® included in EAN Guideline! - 21.07.2021Acute and longterm neurorecovery after TBI - 05.07.2021Cerebrolysin® improves Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) Integrity - 21.06.2021New Webinar: The relevance of neurorehabilitation in acute and chronic stroke - 02.06.2021New International Guidelines in Stroke and in subacute Rehabilitation - 12.05.2021New Webinar: Acute and longterm neurorecovery after TBI - 28.04.2021New Meta-Analysis confirms Efficacy of Cerebrolysin® - 08.03.2021Webinar: New international Guidelines in stroke and subacute rehabilitation - 26.02.2021New Treatment for severe TBI Patients - 12.02.2021The International Cerecap-Research Project - 28.01.2021


New Treatment Concepts in Stroke - 09.12.2020Why Cerebrolysin® might help in COVID-19 - 26.11.2020Canadian Stroke Rehabilitation Guidelines - 30.10.2020Cerebrolysin® included into German Neurorehab Guidelines - 24.09.2020The renaissance of neuroprotection in times of recanalization therapies - 09.07.2020Outcomes - Remarkable Cases in Neurorecovery - 03.06.2020Disorders of consciousness after stroke - 29.04.2020CAPTAIN Trial - Positive Results in TBI - 28.02.2020Award for AUREUS - 30.01.2020New Hope for Chronic Stroke Patients - 10.01.2020


Advances in the treatment of TBI and stroke - 24.10.2019Innovative treatment option for TBI - 27.09.2019Neuro-Rehabilitation has a big potential! - 16.09.2019Welcome to the 26th IMMM - 20.08.2019Report of ESOC symposium 2019 available! - 09.07.2019New TBI data presented at EAN 2019, Oslo - 05.06.2019ESOC 2019: Invitation to EVER satellite symposium - 25.04.2019Effective pharmacological drug for recovery after stroke available! - 21.02.2019EVER's initiative on medical education - 14.01.2019


New Austrian Rehabilitation Guideline Available - 10.12.2018Highlights of the 25th IMMM - 06.11.2018New meta-analysis about safety and efficacy of Cerebrolysin® - 08.10.2018Scientific report of the satellite symposium during EAN 2018 - 18.09.2018The IMMM celebrates its 25th anniversary - 09.08.2018Scientific symposium review of the ESOC 2018 - 02.07.2018EAN Congress, Lisbon - 05.06.2018ESOC 2018: Invitation to stroke recovery symposium - May 17th - 02.05.2018Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) - 11.04.2018World Stroke Day Congress in Moscow 2017 - 19.03.2018Video presentation about CARS study - 01.02.2018


Neurorecovery in actue stroke treatment & Complications and rehabilitation after stroke - 18.12.2017New holistic approach in Stroke treatment - 06.10.2017Review of the 3rd Congress of the European Academy of Neurology 2017 - 11.08.2017Review of the 3rd European Stroke Organisation Conference 2017 - 06.07.2017Don't miss the EAN symposium on Stroke Recovery - 24.05.2017Voucher for free Rehabilitation set - 24.05.2017AD/PD 2017 Summary - 19.04.2017ESOC 2017: Invitation to Stroke Recovery Symposium - May 18th - 12.04.2017Announcement AD/PD 2017 - 07.03.2017Improving Life After Stroke - The Post Stroke Checklist - 10.02.2017


Review of the 23rd International Mondsee Medical Meeting - 06.12.2016Advances in Sub-Acute Stroke Motor Recovery - 11.10.2016CARS trial - rehabilitation after stroke with Cerebrolysin® - 22.07.2016Review 2nd European Stroke Organisation Conference 2016 - 23.06.2016