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Cerebrolysin® is a multi-modal neuropeptide drug which improves the brain’s ability for self-repair by stimulating neurorecovery.
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Evidence-based, cerebroprotective treatment strategies in neurotrauma and delirium
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of Action

Cerebrolysin® is a multimodal drug. 3-D Videos and a well structured booklet will show you all details about its MoA.
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How to use

All relevant information about dosage, initiation and duration of treatment, route of administration can be found here.
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Learn more about stroke and the different treatment options. Cerebrolysin® is an additional therapy in stroke.
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Traumatic brain injury affects approx. 15 million individuals annually worldwide. Cerebrolysin® is an add-on therapy to standard care for all these patients.
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Cognitive Impairment

A treatment approach in cognitive impairment is the use of multimodal drugs, like Cerebrolysin®.
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