Dosage recommendation TBI

Cerebrolysin® should be administered as an adjunctive treatment to standard TBI care. The administration initiated optimally as soon as possible post-TBI and continued throughout the rehabilitation phase. 

DisorderDaily dosageInitiation of treatmentDuration of treatment
Traumatic brain injury20 - 50 mlas soon as possible7 - 30 days


IV infusion10ml - 50mldiluted to at least 100ml total
volume with Saline, Ringer solution
or 5% glucose solution
Infuse within 15 minutes
To guarantee sterility, always use disposable one-way infusion sets and cannulas! 
Do not store the infusion solution, start the infusion as quickly as possibe after dilution!
Cerebrolysin® should not be mixed with balanced amino acid solutions, vitamins and cardiovascular medicinal products.
IV injectionup to 10mlundilutedinject slowly
over 3 minutes
IM injectionup to 5mlundilutedinject slowly
over 3 minutes
The IV or IM injection has to be administered immediately after opening the ampoule! 


Special precautions to guarantee sterility must be taken during dilution and administration of Cerebrolysin®:

  • Remove solution from ampoules immediately before use
  • Do not leave an open ampoule on the treatment table
  • Always use only disposable one-way IV infusions sets and cannulas
  • When Cerebrolysin® is administered via a long-term IV catheter, the catheter has to be rinsed before and after the application with physiological sodium chloride solution
  • Pay special attention to recommended infusion/injection times page before

More information please find in our Dosage recommendation.


This information is based on the Austrian Summary of Product Characteristics. The prescribing information in your country may vary; please consult your local prescribing information and/or contact your local EVER representative.