Why Cerebrolysin® might help in COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic affects all countries and regions globally in 2020 and the immediate consequences are devastating. Until the end of November 2020 more than 1.4 Mio people worldwide will have died and countries are struggling with the economic and social impact of the pandemic.

One of the main problems in the coming years, even when vaccines will be available, will be to take care of the medical needs of COVID-19 survivors, especially chronic impairments like pulmonary function disorders, depression and anxiety, and cognitive decline.

Prof. Previgliano, an eminent critical care expert from Buenos Aires, Argentina, proposed a pilot-study with COVID-19 positive patients to assess the efficacy of Cerebrolysin® on the cognitive performance over 360 days. Please find here a live presentation from Prof. Previgliano to this topic!

Already in 2013, Pandharipande et al reported the following and established the need for an effective treatment.

“Survivors of critical illness often have a prolonged and disabling form of cognitive impairment that remains inadequately characterized”

Prof. Ignacio Previgliano developed a similar research interest in CIACI (= Cognitive Impairment After Critical Illness) and hypothesized in a 2015 interview:

“…. due to its neuroprotective action Cerebrolysin® could be effective in CIACI prevention”.

New research data are very promising to help COVID-19 patients. The data showed an up- or downregulation of important COVID-19 markers by Cerebrolysin® (see table below). These markers are responsible for cytokine storms often resulting in the dreaded long-term ventilation triggering CIACI.


We hope that we can offer an effective drug for chronic patients after COVID-19 very soon. Stay tuned!