Review of the 23rd International Mondsee Medical Meeting

Program of the symposium:

Keynote speaker:

Stroke Care in Europe – Disparities and Strategies for Harmonization (Valeria Caso, Italy)


Session 1: Advances in acute care of stroke

Emerging new roles for neurologists in the treatment of patients with aneurysmatic subarachnoid hemorrhage (Erich Schmutzhard, Austria)

The relevance of modern registry trials – CREGS-S (Milan R. Vosko, Austria)

Challenges in the treatment concept of spinal cord ischemias (Johannes Sebastian Mutzenbach, Austria)

Challenges & Opportunities in Motor Recovery (Dafin Muresanu, Romania)


Session 2: Advances in the Treatment of Complications after Stroke

The role of BDNF in post stroke complications (Anton Alvarez, Spain)

Cerebrovascular diseases and Cognitive Decline (Michael Brainin, Austria)

Vascular Epilepsy Syndrome, its Treatment and Prevention (Eugen Trinka, Austria)

Post-Stroke Depression – The Psychiatrist’s Perspective (Johannes Thome, Germany)


Session 3: Advances in Neurorehabilitation after Stroke

The role of imaging in Neurorehabilitation (Jan Sobesky, Germany)

Post-Stroke Spasticity – Current Treatments and new Opportunities (Romil Martinez, Philippines)

Rehabilitation in low and middle income countries – Status Quo and Perspectives (Andreas Winkler, Austria)