Review about EVER Webinar ‘Get with the guidelines in post-stroke motor recovery’

On May 24th EVER Pharma conducted its 2nd webinar in 2022 titled ‘Get with the guidelines in post-stroke motor recovery – Expert panel discussion’. Four international stroke specialists formed an international panel, expertly moderated by Professor Steven Zeiler to discuss the evidence of Cerebrolysin® in post-stroke rehabilitation and – as a consequence – the inclusion into various international treatment guidelines with high recommendation levels

In this review we will highlight the main messages.

  • Only one positive trial in post-stroke motor recovery – Zeiler’s Talk
  • Cerebrolysin® recommended in Canadian Stroke Rehab Evidence-based Review – Teasell’s Talk
  • EAN guidelines recommend Cerebrolysin® for clinical use – Diserens’s Talk
  • Cerebrolysin® – A standard therapy in acute stroke medicine – Brunner’s Talk
  • Stroke rehabilitation need detailed and practical guidelines – Tomek’s Talk
  • Take home messages from the experts



The full recording of the event can you find here.