Review about EVER Webinar 'Evidence-based neurorecovery after stroke and TBI'

On April 6th Professor Christian Matula – Professor and Vice-Chairman Department of Neurosurgery, Medical University of Vienna, Austria – spoke to an international community of medical professionals about the global burden of brain trauma, expertly moderated by Professor Johannes Leitgeb - Trauma surgeon, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

In this review we will highlight the main messages of Dr. Matula’s talk.

  • The global burden of Neurotrauma
  • Pathophysiology of brain trauma
  • History of negative clinical research and a rationale for failure
  • A breakthrough in brain trauma research – The CAPTAIN-Trial Methodology and trial series
  • Cerebrolysin® in haemorrhagic stroke – promising evidence and safety data
  • A call to action – neurotrauma patients need multidisciplinary teams to improve outcome

The full recording of the event can be viewed here.