New Treatment Concepts in Stroke

Two well-known stroke neurologists, Dr. Slaven Pikija from Christian-Doppler-University-Hospital in Salzburg, Austria, and Prof. Steven Zeiler from Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, USA, are discussing about new treatment concepts and new evidence-based drug option in stroke medicine.

Prof. Zeiler briefly outlined that Canadian experts assessed pharmacological agents in various post-stroke complications and gave Cerebrolysin® a 1a recommendation for motor recovery and 1b recommendation in activities of daily living. Dr. Pikija added that similar assessments were made by the German Neurorehab Society, which published their new guidelines in July 2020. Cerebrolysin® was given a 1b recommendation for motor recovery by this expert group. He also mentioned that similar assessments were published in the Austrian Guidelines already in 2018.

Dr. Pikija highlighted that he cannot see any reason not to use Cerebrolysin® for stroke patients. The guideline inclusions and the most recent Lancet review positively highlighting the CARS-trial results should convince many more clinicians globally to add Cerebrolysin® to their routine treatment concepts, particularly for patients suffering from arm paresis.

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