Expert Interview Prof. M. Brainin

It has been an eventful year 2021, highlighted by the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) acknowledging the strong clinical evidence of Cerebrolysin® in post-stroke rehabilitation.

Professor Michael Brainin, globally renowned Professor of Neurology and past-President of the World  Stroke Organization and the European Stroke Organization, accepted an interview request to share his thoughts about the clinical development of Cerebrolysin® and why these convincing data were included in the guidelines of Austrian, German, and Canadian medical societies and finally in the EAN guidelines.

Professor Brainin explains the strict, GRADE methodology-based guideline developing process in the EAN and the translation of the GRADE recommendation into the classification of the American Heart Association. The level II A recommendation puts Cerebrolysin® on the same evidence-based level as many established treatment options routinely used in acute and subacute stroke treatment.

Professor Brainin shares with us his personal perspective why Cerebrolysin® must be regarded as evidence-based therapy so that stroke physicians worldwide have the opportunity to use Cerebrolysin® as a routine treatment option in acute and subacute stroke care.