Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) was initiated by the WHO in effort to enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families. By following the link https://www.who.int/disabilities/cbr/en/  you will find more information about the CBR project.

In 2015, EVER started the project AVANT (Austrian Vietnamese Advancement of Neurorehabilitation Treatment) in partnership with the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, the Christian-Doppler-Clinic in Salzburg, and the Rehabilitation Clinic Pirawarth.

The aim is to standardize and to conceptualize rehab treatment in Vietnam by educating medical professionals as well as physiotherapists in Austrian institutions who in return train their Vietnamese colleagues. Until now, more than 2500 Vietnamese doctors and rehab specialists were trained, and several classes were organized for caregivers to support families of stroke patients in their homes and communities.

The AVANT project was presented at the World Congress of Neurorehabilitation 2018 in India and has been acknowledged by the World Stroke Organization and by the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation.


Other countries with similar needs also launched this initiative. In Uzbekistan the AUREUS (Austrian Rehabilitation Exchange with Uzbekistan) Program was implemented in December 2018 in close cooperation with the Uzbek Ministry of Health, the hospital in Tulln, and the Rehabilitation Centre Gmundnerberg.

The ACURE (Austrian Cooperation with Ukraine Rehabilitation) Project and other activities in Myanmar and in the Philippines are in preparation.

EVER’s initiative on medical education aims to improve healthcare and to provide patients and caregivers access to structured rehab programs after acute stroke care. Please find a booklet and a 70 minute rehabilitation video with 48 exercises featuring positioning techniques, walking exercises and activities of daily living selected by Austrian Neurologists and Rehabilitation experts on our website: https://www.cerebrolysin.com/en/stroke/rehabilitation/