Don't miss the EAN symposium on Stroke Recovery

Stroke Recovery – Pharmacological Treatment Concepts in the acute and sub-acute phase

Sunday, 25 June 2017, 18:30-20:00 (Room: Forum)

Chairmen: Dafin Muresanu, Romania, and Andreas Bender, Germany

  • Timing, Training, & Tinctures – Reorganization & Recovery After Stroke
    Steven Zeiler, USA
  • Evidence Based Motor-Rehabilitation: From Established Therapies to Future Perspectives
    Andreas Bender, Germany
  • Challenges & Opportunities in Motor Recovery
    Dafin Muresanu, Romania
  • Emerging concepts in multi-modal motor rehabilitation after stroke
    Andreas Winkler, Austria



Our EVER Rehabilitationsets including Scales booklets will be given free of charge to the participants of this Symposium.