Best Drug for Stroke Recovery

Every year, about 15 million people suffer from a stroke. 80% of stroke patients experience hemiparesis of the contralateral upper limb in the acute phase, 40% chronically. Very often patients can no longer cope with everyday activities resulting in a very negative impact on quality of life!

Different independent guideline committees in different countries, at different time points and completely differently composed came to the same conclusion:

Cerebrolysin® is the best drug for stroke recovery!

Guidelines in Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, Switzerland ranked Cerebrolysin® as the best pharmacological agent after stroke in the following domains: motor functions, activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of life (QoL).

A recent review on motor recovery in stroke rehabilitation in “The Lancet” came to a similar conclusion as the CARS-Study is the only positive randomized trial in motor recovery.

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