Neurorehabilitation is an essential part of therapy after stroke and TBI, however, in many countries neither appropriate infrastructure nor specially trained personnel is available.

Motivated by the CARS study showing the outstanding success in stroke recovery by combining pharmacologic intervention with Cerebrolysin® and rehabilitation therapy, EVER Pharma started the development of neurorehabilitation structures and treatment processes in interested countries worldwide.

In 2016, the AVANT program was started in Vietnam and since then more than 4.000 physiotherapists and rehab-physicians have been trained.

Uzbekistan followed in 2018 with a similar program called AUREUSAUstrian Rehabilitation Exchange with USbekistan. This program was conceptualized in cooperation with the Uzbek Ministry of Health and Austrian neurorehab institutions. Dedicated Uzbek neurologists were invited to participate in training courses held at Austrian stroke units and rehab centers and to pass this knowledge on to their local colleagues by conducting rehabilitation courses themselves.


From the outset, this program has had strong political support and even received “presidential order” status, which means that the political leadership is following the conduct and success of this initiative.

Recently, this program received a very prestigious and important “Project of the Year” award for the successful implementation of this program. This award gives all dedicated stakeholders the motivation to continue this training program and to assess its impact in an implementation research project.

Please find a booklet and a 70 minute rehabilitation video with 48 exercises featuring positioning techniques, walking exercises and activities of daily living selected by Austrian Neurologists and Rehabilitation experts on our website: https://www.cerebrolysin.com/en/stroke/rehabilitation/