It is a core strategy of EVER Pharma to collaborate with important medical societies, particularly related to stroke, dementia and brain trauma. 

One of EVER’s collaboration partners is the Academy for Multidisciplinary Neurotraumatology (AMN). This society has implemented the visionary idea that medical experts from different medical specialties need to be involved when treating a complex pathology like traumatic brain injury. 

They have also advocated that neurotrauma patients, even suffering from milder forms, need to be treated by multidisciplinary teams and should be followed up long-term in order to detect cognitive and behavioural disorders. 

Such a vision matches the treatment philosophy EVER Pharma has developed for Cerebrolysin® as we are also increasingly aware, particularly with our newest clinical data, that neurorecovery after stroke or TBI can be enhanced over a long-term period.

In February 2020 the Academy of Multidiscilinary Neurotraumatology will organize their annual confererence in Cairo, Egypt and EVER Pharma is going to support this meeting by facilitating the participation of trauma experts from our markets. Here you find more information: https://www.brain-amn.org/amn-events.html

One of the highlights of this conference will be the introduction of a new patient registry called PRESENT. This acronym stands for Patient REgistry Short, Essential in NeuroTrauma). 

By introducing this registry platform the AMN responds to strongly voiced requests especially from countries who have neither national epidemiology data nor any quality of care assessment tools. 

Another important feature of AMN-Congresses are the interactive workshops in which delegates from different countries with different socio-economic background discuss important questions like ‘How to reduce door to treatment time and how the AMN can support implementation’.