Terms of Use

Last updated: 11.04.2018

1. Scope of Agreement

1.1. The use of the services on the non-public product sites on www.cerebrolysin.com ("Website") is offered to you by EVER Neuro Pharma GmbH ("EVER") on your ac-ceptance of these Terms of Use ("Terms").

1.2. If you have not already otherwise expressly agreed to these Terms, your usage of this Website constitutes your agreement. If you do not agree to these Terms, you may not use the Website.


2. Scope of services

2.1 EVER provides the users of the Website information about its pharmaceutical prod-ucts and therapeutic solutions with a clear focus on neurology and critical care as well as additional services which are available free of charge until revoked.

2.2 The use of the Website is subject to a restricted access and strictly limited to health care professionals.  A registration is generally not required in order to ac-cess the website. However, access to certain content on subpages (eg training vid-eos) may require user's prior registration (login via EVER services).

For further information about the data processed, please refer to the Privacy and Cookies Policy.

2.3 The use of this Website cannot and shall not replace individual pharmaceutical or therapeutic advice by medical professionals. The content of this Website is solely provided as initial information and does not substitute pharmaceutical advice or therapy.

2.4 The information provided by EVER is based on scientific knowledge and practical experience. The general descriptions cannot, however, be transferred to an indi-vidual case, due to the variability of clinical symptoms.

2.5 Furthermore, EVER reserves the right, also without notice, to discontinue, change or expand at any time, temporarily or even permanently, any part or all of the services offered on the Website. EVER furthermore reserves the right to remove any information at its own discretion and without stating any reasons at any time.


3. Disclaimer of liability

3.1 The Website is provided free of charge. EVER undertakes all appropriate effort to make correct and complete information available on this Website, but assumes no responsibility, guarantee or liability whatsoever that the information made availa-ble, including any database entries are correct, complete or updated. EVER has prepared the content of the Website with due care. Nevertheless, it is not possible to entirely avoid errors, infringements by third parties or mistakes. In consideration of these circumstances, some information may not be up to date, complete or ac-curate. EVER cannot