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Country specific information Russia WWW.CEREBROLYSIN.RU WWW.NEUROLOGIC.RU Ukraine www.cerebrolysin.com.ua Kazakhstan www.cerebrolysin.kz www.insult.kz Poland www.neuroaktywacja.pl Latin…  
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Video presentation about CARS study CARS video Over the last decades, therapeutic approaches for stroke have significantly evolved. Implementation of modern stroke units, better general medical…  
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Cerebrolysin is a multi-modal neuropeptide drug which improves the brain's ability for self-repair by stimulating neurorecovery. Cerebrolysin is used for treatment of ischemic and hemorrhagic…  
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<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/211752941"></iframe> L.I.T The Series from HD PRODUCTIONS ORIGINAL SERIES on Vimeo.  
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1 Heiss 2012, Stroke. 43:630-636. Safety of Cerebrolysin Cerebrolysin® is safe and well tolerated! The experience with Cerebrolysin during many years of clinical application, the information…  
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WELCOME TO CEREBROLYSIN® This website has been designed for Healthcare Professionals who would like to get additional information and support for the Cerebrolysin therapy.  
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Download area - Dementia Cerebrolysin Dementia brochures Cerebrolysin® study posters - DEMENTIA General Cerebrolysin information  
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Download area - TBI Cerebrolysin TBI brochures Cerebrolysin study posters - TBI General Cerebrolysin information  
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ADMINISTRATION Dosage recommendation TBI Cerebrolysin should be administered as an adjunctive treatment to standard TBI care. The administration initiated optimally as soon as possible post-TBI and…  
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Clinical efficacy and patient benefits Several clinical pilot trials have been performed using Cerebrolysin® in traumatic brain injury. Cerebrolysin® was administered as an adjunctive treatment to…  

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